Friday, March 22, 2013

MySql upload script for EEE-PPAT october 2012

EEE-PPAT table is an extension of the PERSON TABLE produced by ECOOM (Catholic University of Leuven) and Eurostat (see here). The extension concerns sector allocation and name harmonization of applicants.
It can be required at no cost by contacting

MySql script I created for uploading the table can be downloaded here

EDIT: 2015b data have one column less: here the scripts for uploading them

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some correspondences tables

A useful collector of descriptions and correspondence among SIC, NACE ISIC and many other classifications has been made available from UN in their statistics subsite:

Available classifications:

Available correspondences:

Enjoy them!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Scopus full journal list

 Scopus at-a-glance (November 2012):
  • 19,500 peer-reviewed journals (including 1,900 Open Access journals)
  • 400 trade publications
  • 360 book series
  • “Articles-in-Press” from over 3,850 journals
 A few links to other websites containing the full list of publications covered by scopus:

The full list can be consulted here:;jsessionid=0385C4B0237283A83EAC8F27ED73F769.zQKnzAySRvJOZYcdfIziQ

here you can download an XLS file with all publications