Monday, June 18, 2018

Linked Open EP data

at URL
is now available an linked open data version of EP patent data.

Linked Open EP data is a  data product provided by the EPO. It contains EP publications with their
bibliographic and  family information.
It also contains some basic information on non-EP patents, which are related to EP patents, e. g. because they are a priority of an EP document or they are in the same familyas an EP application.

The product also comes with a simple application programming interface (API), allowing you to consult reference data, explore that data and try out ideas on a small scale.
A SPARQL interface enables you to analyse the data.

Linked open EP data uses Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) to identify patent applications, publications and other resources present in patent data. This allows data in one dataset to be linked to data in another dataset. Given its URI, data about a resource can be retrieved in a variety of formats over the web. For occasional use there is a simple data browser, an API and a query interface. For heavier use, bulk data is available for download.

Each application has a unique identifier which looks like a URL and has this structure:

cc stands for the Office code.
nnnnnnnn stands for the application number.

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